Eligibility of institution



Can a for profit institution be a Beneficiary of the Programme?

No, any institution of commercial character cannot be Beneficiary of the Programme.

Can an institution from outside the Programme area be a Beneficiary of the Programme?  

An institution from outside the Programme area must meet three conditions to be eligible under the Programme rules:
a) it must be established in Poland, Belarus or Ukraine
b) its participation must be justified by the nature or by the objectives of the project and be necessary for its effective implementation;
c) the total amount allocated under the project to this Beneficiary may not exceed 20% of the total project budget.
Moreover, any activities implemented outside the Programme area cannot be of infrastructural or investment character.

Is it possible to make a contribution in kind as own contribution?  

Own contribution (at least 10%) in the project within the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine must be a financial contribution. In accordance with p. 6.4. of the Programme Manual for the second call for proposals, contribution in kind is not an eligible cost and can’t be treated as a minimum of 10% co-financing of the project made by the Lead Beneficiary / Beneficiary.