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Project Planning

1. Can projects generate income? And if not, what about the purchased equipment, which would still be used after the end of the project?

Projects can’t generate profit. According to the Programme rules, any project with infrastructure or investment component shall repay the Union contribution if, within five years of the project closure, it is subject to a substantial change affecting its nature, objectives or implementation conditions which would result in undermining its original objectives. Sums unduly paid in respect of such project shall be recovered by the MA proportionally to the period for which the sustainability requirement has not been fulfilled.

2. When the result indicator has to be achieved?

Target values of the result indicators shall be achieved not later than within the sustainability period of the project, i.e. maximum five years after its completion.

3. What will happened if the planned target value of the indicator is not achieved? Will it be necessary to return the grant or its part?

At the stage of the final report, the Beneficiary submits explanations regarding discrepancies between the planned target values of indicators and those actually achieved. Decision will be made after analyzing the reasons of the failure to achieve the indicator, the impact of this indicator on the achievement of project objectives and the costs planned to be incurred and actually incurred for actions aimed at achieving the indicator.

4. Can an entity from outside the Programme area make expenditure on investment and infrastructure purposes?

According to the Programme Manual, activities outside the Programme area cannot be of investment and/or infrastructure character. However, this does not mean that an entity from outside the Programme area can not incur such expenses - it will be possible to treat them as eligible, provided that they are incurred only in the Programme area and that it can be verified.

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