Joint initiatives of border guards on increasing the effectiveness of border checks and state border protection

Project No


Thematic objective



4.2 Improvement of border management operations, customs and visas procedures.

Lead beneficiary

Podlaski Border Guard Regional Unit (Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland)


State Border Committee Republic of Belarus (Minsk Oblast, Belarus)
Nadbuzanski Border Guard Regional Unit (Lubelskie Voivodeship, Poland)

Total budget 2 256 777 €
Duration 24 months
Programme Contribution 2 026 134 €

Project description

The key objective is to strengthen the protection of the state border, to prevent and combat illegal migration, human trafficking and to fight against cross-border crime through the development of surveillance systems, what will improve the effectiveness of border checks. Within the framework of the Project the Polish side plans to purchase the equipment for the technical surveillance and DMR radio communication as a part of the establishment of the European border surveillance system EUROSUR. The Belarusian side plans to purchase equipment and materials to set up a security system of Perimeter surveillance and to arrange for the transport equipment and portable technical equipment for border surveillance. The Problem identified on the PL-BY border is cross-border crime associated with illegal migration, smuggling of cigarettes and stolen vehicles. Implementation of the Project will enable observation, detection and registering unauthorized border crossing or crossing attempts by illegal immigrants or by individuals smuggling goods into the EU customs territory. The Project will contribute to the enhancement of people protection living in the area of the program and in the whole EU.

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