Improvement of customs control efficiency at the road border checkpoint DOMACHEVO

Project No


Thematic objective



4.1 Support to border efficiency and security

Lead beneficiary

Brest Custom House (Brest Oblast, Belarus)


Lublin Executive Board for Maintenance of Border Crossings (Lubelskie Voivodeship, Poland)
State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk Oblast, Belarus)

Total budget 253 900 €
Duration 22 months
Programme Contribution 228 510 €

Project description

Project aim is to improve security at Belarusian-Polish border by installing weight metrical complexes at the border crossing point “Domachevo” for weighing cargo vehicles, to improve quality of customs control, reduce time for border crossing. The mentioned activities will create obstacles for non-reliable market participants and natural persons at the both sides of the border. The activities will contribute to improvement of border crossing conditions for reliable market participants and natural persons. As a result of weight metrical complexes installation it is expected that quality and speed of customs control will be enhanced. Consequently, quality of the customs control process will be improved in the mentioned border crossing point. Project objectives and expected results will be achieved by cross-border approach to the project implementation, as installation of weight metrical complexes at the border crossing point “Domachevo”, holding of experience exchange activities with the Polish partner in frames of the joint project management will create the conditions necessary for operative and safe border crossing in both directions (the only border between the European Union and Eurasian Economic Union) as well as allow increase of throughput capacity of the mentioned border crossing point.

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