Construction of regional Centres for Research and Conservation of Monuments

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Thematic objective



1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Lead beneficiary

Museum Podlaskie in Bialystok (Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland)


Grodno State Museum of History and Archeology (Grodno Oblast, Belarus)

Total budget 1 341 982 €
Duration 24 months
Programme Contribution 1 207 784 €

Project description

The north-eastern part of Poland and western Belarus are culturally coherent. The border that divides these two countries makes the conducting of joint research and the integration of knowledge difficult. There are many artifacts that require urgent maintenance in this geographic area. Currently, in the regions that are covered by the project, only the Museum of Podlasie and the Grodno State Museum of History and Archaeology have workshops that conserve artifacts. These are three-person teams, but they are not able to satisfy the demand for their skills, not even for their parent institutions. The participants of the project, whose aim is to preserve the local cultural heritage, are planning to establish Centres for Research and Conservation of Artifacts at the Museum of Podlasie and the Grodno State Museum of History and Archaeology. The main activity of the above centers will be the protection of artifacts held in the public collections of the Grodno Region (Belarus) and Podlasie Province (Poland). Moreover, they will conduct research, take preventative measures, and advise on best conservation practices.These centers will enable permanent cooperation and information exchange in the field of research and conservation between the partners of the project. They will allow for the creation of one database of preserved and researched objects.They will contribute to the merging of knowledge about the culture of the region, its deeper understanding and behavior. This will increase awareness among citizens about their environment, and can be used as a tool to promote the region, and help to preserve its cultural heritage.

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