The Development of ICT competence centers in Ostroleka and in Mosty

Project No


Thematic objective



2.2 Development of ICT infrastructure

Lead beneficiary

The Municipality of Ostroleka (Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Poland)


State Institution of Culture "Mosty county library" (Grodno Oblast, Belarus)

Total budget 2 628 780 €
Duration 24 months
Programme Contribution 2 365 902 €

Project description

The Programme area is characterized by the weak connectivity and insufficient communication networks and systems which hamper the socio-economic development of the cross-border area and its attractiveness for investors. One of the main reasons of such a state is insufficient infrastructure of ICT and deficit of digital skills of human resources, as well. In order to strengthen human capital, employability and competitiveness the European Commission is promoting various initiatives aimed at increasing training in digital skills for the workforce and modernising education infrastructure across the EU.The overall objective of the project is to develop ICT infrastructure in order to increase digital skills of human resources and improve communication. The creation of innovative, training infrastructure, i.e. two ICT competence development centers in Ostrołęka and in Mosty is the main contribution. A strong digital economy is vital for innovation, growth, jobs and European competitiveness, including cross – border actions. The main outputs of the project implementation will be creation of two innovative, ICT based competence development centers preparing young people, future working force to enter the competitive labour market, contributing to the growth of cross-border area's economic competitiveness and establish new business partnerships.


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