Increasing of access to health services in Krosno and Uzhgorod

Project No


Thematic objective



3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

Lead beneficiary

Krosno Commune (Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland)


Executive Committee of Uzhgorod City Council (Zakarpatska Oblast, Ukraine)
Fund of transborder cooperation development (Zakarpatska Oblast, Ukraine)

Total budget 468 174 €
Duration 23 months
Programme Contribution 421 357 €

Project description

The purpose of the project is to implement the general objective of the project that is an improvement of a physical and mental health among children, young people and adults as well as a growth of public awareness in the range of health by increased access to health services of Polish - Ukrainian border residents. The main challenge of the project is an increased access to widely understood health system. In Poland the health system is in a higher level than in Ukraine, therefore a project implementation is very essential so it will allow to eliminate disparities. It is a task to be commonly undertaken by local governments from Krosno and Uzhgorod. Planned to be implemented project is to deliver knowledge of health condition of children and young people in Krosno and in Uzhgorod as well as people over 18 who live in Krosno. The implementation of above mentioned assumptions will be conducted by health prevention (screening), health promotion (health education) and a first - aid workshop. There are over 24 thousands of children and young people who attend to schools to be examined and 1600 people over 18 years old. Health education and first-aid workshops will be performed in schools both in Krosno and in Uzhgorod. Another activity in the range of the project is to equip doctor’s offices at schools in Uzhgorod and to purchase first-aid equipment to schools in Krosno. A common project implementation will allow to exchange the experiences in health prevention and health promotion, a comparative analysis in these areas, as well as to undertake appropriative activities aiming to increase access to healthcare services.

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