Cooperation of Universities supporting the development of security and crisis management of the Lublin and Lutsk transborder regions

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Thematic objective



4.2 Improvement of border management operations, customs and visas procedures.

Lead beneficiary

The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (Lubelskie Voivodeship, Poland)


Lutsk National Technical University (Volynska Oblast, Ukraine)

Total budget 305 993 €
Duration 20 months
Programme Contribution 275 394 €

Project description

This aim of the PL-UA common project is to support the processes of security and crisis management on both sides of PL-UA border: the EU external border. Mutual border traffic is very intensive. This is why it seems to be necessary to diagnose problems related to functioning of the border institutions and to undertake actions to support their actions, among others, through trainings reinforcing soft skills, especially interpersonal and social skills. Due to geopolitics of PL and UA, they are facing challenges in the area of security and crisis management. This situation is caused by war in Eastern part of UA, terrorist risk (including cyberspace) and migration movements. Therefore it is justified to undertake 2 editions of postgraduate studies in this field. Intensified social research (including empirical) contribute to the development of knowledge in above-mentioned field, not only at universities, but also in third and public sector. Thanks to that, the competences of guard staff and their knowledge about contemporary challenges in the area of security and crisis management will be upraised. Promulgating academic research concerning this matter will contribute to better understanding the specifics of cross-border activity and express how essential it is to state and civil security of PL/UA. Trainings and postgraduate studies will allow to add soft skills to few hundred of border guard staff and institutions affecting the objective matter. Organization of 2 conferences and publication of 3 books (one report from research and 2 related to conferences) will affect wider promotion of problematic aspects within matter under discussion. It is going to influence positively the cross-border agencies in PL and UA, universities as well as the society on both sides of the border. 

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