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Reveal the uniqueness of PBU borderland

We are proud to share the results and present the winners. It was a challenging and difficult task as we received 141 applications and more than 200 photos.

In the opinion of the Jury, the best photos fulfilling the competition criteria are:

I category: Around the PBU projects
1st place: Natalia Furyk with CBC4animals project
2nd place: Solomiya Horbatso with MountainTaste project
3rd place: Svietlana Kislaya with MUCHAVIEC project
Distinction: Anna Zhilko with SUMCITYNET project

II category: The glory of cultural and historical heritage sites
1st place: Oleg Kukhar – Khram Sv. Volodymyra, village Pighorodtsi (Lviv Oblast, UA)
2nd place: Małgorzata Wołoszyn – The ruins of church and old cemetery, Kniazie (Lubelskie Voivodeship, PL)
3rd place: Aliaksei Kantseal – Neman River, Hrodna (Hrodna Oblast, BY)
Distinction: Olga Zhiharko, Wiesław Huk

III category: The beauty of nature
1st place: Andrei Shevchik – Pripyat River, Kalinkovichi (Homiel Oblast, BY)  
2nd place: Szymon Ziemba – Smerek (Podkarpackie Voivodeship, PL)
3rd place: Marek Bednarz – Cisowa Góra, Gulbieniszki (Podlaskie Voivodeship, PL)
Distinction: Marek Bednarz, Marina Serebryakova

IV category: Traditions, customs and rituals - the richness and diversity of culture
1st place: Svietlana Kislaya – Dipping into the water during the Epiphany, (Brest Oblast, BY)
2nd place: Viktoria Kislaya – Ceremony: Driving a bush in Khmelevo (Brest Oblast, BY)
3rd place: Monika Piątek-Kozioł – Harvest wreath, Gorajec (Podkarpackie Voivodeship, PL)
Distinction: Małgorzata Wołoszyn, Svietlana Kislaya

We congratulate all the winners.

Please find below the link to the news about the results:



The Programme area is beautiful, has unspoiled nature, stunning sites and a diverse cultural and historical heritage. You can easily find places where time stands still. On both sides of the border, you can meet unique people who share various cultural and religious patterns. Here you will find also local communities implementing projects co-financed by the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Programme, promoting local culture and history, preserving common traditions, improving the standard of living, ensuring safety and healthcare of their inhabitants. It is easy to get inspired.

So be inspired!


We cordially invite professional photographers and photo amateurs to participate in a ‘Reveal the uniqueness of PBU borderland’ photo contest. The aim of the contest is to promote the richness, diversity and values that Programme supports and the effects of projects implemented by the Programme on the borderland of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

The contest has four categories under which participants can submit their photos:

  1. Around the PBU projects
  2. The glory of cultural and historical heritage sites
  3. The beauty of nature
  4. Traditions, customs and rituals - the richness and diversity of culture

We are waiting for applications until 23rd October 2020 (midnight CET).

We have prepared an attractive set of prizes for the winners. Winning photos will also be widely promoted in three Programme countries and among EU institutions.


Participation rules: HERE
Application e-form: HERE
Deadline for applications: 23rd October 2020
Publication of results: 6th November 2020

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