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Department of Education, Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports of the Smyha community in the Rivne region of Ukraine

Organisation name in national language

Відділ освіти, культури, туризму, молоді та спорту Смизької селищної ради


village Smyha Dubno district Rivne region
35680 Smyha





Rivnenska Oblast


1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Name & surname

Viktoriia Kostiuk

Position/function within the organisation

Adopting and implementing European methods of engaging young people; this applies to the activities of regional authorities, the




Project idea (in English)

It is critical to show young people that they can and should play an integral role in the development of their society and the community as a whole; young people today in Ukraine are very passive and do not participate in local decision-making. But without youth initiatives and innovations in community governance, meaningful progress is impossible, and young communities will feel as if they have no potential for change. We already experience a shortage of skilled and enthusiastic personnel; the experience and expertise of older managers must be supplemented with new and creative ideas and solutions. Each community needs a team of young, proactive people who act as the catalyst for change in poorer villages. I want to implement a comprehensive training program for young people, "Successful youth for a successful community". Its main objectives are to promote: ● the work of the Council of Europe and the Congress ● social entrepreneurship ● informal education for rural youth ● development of critical thinking ● human resources management ● youth advocacy for human rights protection.

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