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1. “Zolochiv Agency for Regional Development” 2. Lviv Regional Council

Organisation name in national language

Золочівська Агенція регіонального розвитку, Львівська обласна рада


Ukraine, the city of Zolochiv, Lviv region, street. Sadova, 3
80700 Золочів






Lvivska Oblast


1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

Legal status of organisation


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Name & surname

1. Mykola Кhudzei 2. Zenovy Sheptytskyy

Position/function within the organisation

1. Public organization (NGO) 2. Рublic administration




Project idea (in English)

Project: "Let's save the natural heritage for future generations T o g e t h er " The aim of project is promoting and preservation of natural heritage particularly in the communities living at the transboundary river West Bug in Ukraine-Poland-Belorussia. The project will be implemented: Ukraine - Busk, Dobrotvir, Sosnivka, Chervonograd, Sokal, Ustylug and Kamenka-Buzka; Poland - Terezil, Vyshtuv, Vlodava and Dorogochin; Belarus -Brest. The project provides for activities in the following areas: • Tourism: preservation of natural heritage in creating a common cross-border route and its promotion, increasing the awareness of inhabitants in the field of natural heritage, tourist products related to the protection and promotion of common natural heritage. Conservation, preservation, adaptation or development of natural cultural heritage for tourism purposes, as well as social, cultural, educational events for natural conservation in communities. -Investments: Contribution of joint investments in environmental infrastructure, especially in the field of waste and water management. Constru

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