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Village Council of Rokosovo

Organisation name in national language

Рокосівська сільська рада


Rokosovo village, 90 Central Street
90410 Rokosovo village





Zakarpatska Oblast


1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Name & surname

Dzhuha Pavlo Ivanovych

Position/function within the organisation

Mayor of Rokosovo village


03142 50009; +380961105480


Project idea (in English)

Popularization and saving the place of the settlement of the first man on the territory of countries in central and eastern Europe. It is proved, that the settlement was found here are the oldest in central and eastern Europe, they are 1 million and 100 thousand years old. The primitive settlements of Prytysianska Valley refer to Early Paleolithic, more than a million years ago. Lower Paleolithic settlements discovered in Transcarpathia in Korolevo village, Rokosovo, Malyi Rakovets and Mala Bihan villages. During 1969-1989 on the territory of Rokosovo village the scientists from the Institute of Archeology the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (V. M. Hladylyn, V. I. Soldatenko, O.L. Votiakova and others discovered and researched the oldest settlements of Early and Middle Paleolithic. In the Archaic Museum of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine in Kyiv for the artifacts which were discovered in Rokosovo village set aside the first stand from what the visitors begin to get acquainted with the oldest tools which the first man left.

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