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Brest Regional Youth Social Association “The Disabled People and the Environment”

Organisation name in national language

Брестское областное молодежное общественное объединение «Инвалид и среда»


39-34, Leningradskaya street
224028 of Brest





Brest Oblast


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Project idea (in English)

On the basis of the "Inclusive center for promoting healthy lifestyle" in Brest, Belarus is not organized state innovative platform for practical training and adaptation of young people with disabilities, especially after the rehabilitation period. Together with representatives of the traffic police training for independent movement around the city on bicycles, wheelchairs and scooters. Overcoming fear. through inclusive adaptations and the acquisition of determination on the descent on rope rides, climbing wall and trolley descent. Training in practical skills of physical activity on healthy lifestyle and training and overcoming of constraint in the city on mass actions (training of use of an external toilet for disabled people on carriages). All of these activities are not practiced in Belarus, so they are innovative and do not integrate socially vulnerable young people and painless transition of children with disabilities into adulthood through the development of their skills of independent living.

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