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Green Oak

Organisation name in national language

Зялёны Дуб


Y. Kupaly, 4
220030 Minsk






Minsk Oblast


3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

Legal status of organisation


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already have partners: Union of Belarusians of the world "Fatherland"

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Paul Malchanau

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Project idea (in English)

• The project is aimed at importing modern technologies related to health care and health support used by the population of the developed European countries into primarily Belarus and Ukraine as part of the cross-border cooperation. • Belarusian national health care system has seen significant progress in the past decades, but it still has some “blind-spots”—subjects, diagnoses that the Ministry of Healthcare does not pay enough attention to. One of such subjects is vascular malformations, that is a nonmalignant oncomae that nonetheless cause much suffering to a person. Today, they are successfully cured in the EU countries, USA, Israel, and Japan. However, Belarus does not have efficient health practices for treating vascular malformations. I am sure that civil society, thanks to such cross-border initiatives among other things, can initiate the process of adopting best practices applied by doctors and physical therapists from EU countries. • Our team has vast experience in communicating with Belarusian government institutions, Ministry of Healthcare, President’s Office etc.

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