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NGO "Green initiatives Rivne"

Organisation name in national language

ГО "Зелені ініціативи Рівного"


Studentska Street, 6, room 825
33000 Rivne





Rivnenska Oblast


1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

Legal status of organisation


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Name & surname

Petro Skrypchuk

Position/function within the organisation

head of NGO




Project idea (in English)

We offer to our partners a joint preparation of the grant project on the following topics: 1. Promotion of natural heritage in the transboundary region of Ukraine and Poland". The main objectives of such project are: development of an advertising products, holding of two scientific and practical seminars with the departure on the natural heritage objects, youth training, excursions, advertising on TV, exchange of rare plants’ seeds for the collection expansion and its introduction in the transboundary region of Ukraine and Poland, etc. 2. "Promotion of the EU best practices on the quality of life and preservation of the natural heritage". The main tasks are: education of society and youth of the EU integration practices on the safety of food and drinking water, the requirements of the euro directives on the conservation of natural heritage and environment, ecological and organic food and technologies of its cultivation, marking and distinguishing of counterfeit products, etc.

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