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Klesiv village council of the Srinivsky rayon, Rivne region

Organisation name in national language

Клесівська селищна рада Сарненського району Рівненської області


34550 Klesiv





Rivnenska Oblast


1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Name & surname

Klesiv village council of Sarny district of Rivne region

Position/function within the organisation

Project Manager




Project idea (in English)

• Conducting advertising campaigns focused on informing the general population about the harm to the natural environment from illegal amber mining, the current state of pine plantations "suffering" from the apical bark and the need to preserve the biodiversity of the region. • Strategy of forestry development of participating countries for the preservation of the natural heritage for the next generations (the problem of growing pine common on soils destroyed by amber extraction, drying of pine forests: causes, threats of distribution, measures for the prevention, preservation and protection of autochthonous species of natural ecosystems ) • Conducting appropriate conferences, trainings, studies, exchanges of specialists, students (we offer pupils from neighboring countries to visit a school where pupils' forestry works successfully and to join the forest planting) and other events where participants of the program will have the opportunity to share experiences and reach common solutions. problems related to preservation of natural heritage. And also publication of scientific achievem

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