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Slonim regional center of culture, folk art and crafts

Organisation name in national language

Слонімскі раённы цэнтр культуры, народнай творчасці і рамёстваў


Krasnoarmeyskaya ul, 23
231799 Slonim





Grodno Oblast


1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Sviatlana Bushchyk

Position/function within the organisation



+375 29 266 34 36, +375 1562 63591


Project idea (in English)

We plan to create a museum of KARAVAY (sacred bread, wedding bread, каравай) and to hold annual festivals of KARAVAY. These all is necessary to popularize and preserve a unique local tradition, which has the status of a state intangible historical and cultural value. The creation of the museum is promising from the point of view of tourism development in the region: the object has a chance to become an attractive tourist product due to the earlier PR campaign (creation of the Pavlovsky karavai brand) and the favorable location on the terrain (along the international highway Slonim-Lida-Vilnius). The museum will be the only "culinary" museum in the region, and these museums have recently acquired the greatest popularity in the world. The creation of a museum on the basis of a developed unique folk tradition will give a chance to increase the tourist attraction of Slonim region and to send new financial flows here.

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