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Cultural Society of Transcarpathian Roma "Rom Som"

Organisation name in national language

Культурне товариство циган Закарпаття «Ром Сом»


Street Mukachevskaja 10/5 , Uzhgorod, 88 000, Ukraine
88000 Uzhgorod





Zakarpatska Oblast


1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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already have partners: Ukrainske tovaristvo

Name & surname

Pap Aladar

Position/function within the organisation

Official representatives




Project idea (in English)

Organization of the first in Ukraine Museum of Roma culture will contribute to the tourist attraction of Uzhgorod. The museum will show visitors the real life of the gypsy traditions and way of life of the Roma. Each nation would be what he was not able to and can make a valuable contribution to the common treasury of culture. Gypsies - is multifaceted and diverse people, accommodating a whole series of sub-ethnic groups. This is a nation scattered throughout the world, whose members belong to different religious concessions and even speak different languages. Traditionally, a significant number of Roma of the former Soviet Union living in the western territories, in addition, during the Second World War, fleeing from persecution, the Roma actively migrate through the territory of Poland, Slovakia, western Ukraine. Roma Culture Museum is in the Czech Republic (Brno), Russia (Kostroma). The organization itself in Uzhgorod will help in a positive light to introduce Romany ethnicity

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