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Institution of culture "Mosty state museum "Forest and Man"

Organisation name in national language

Учреждение культуры "Мостовский государственный музей "Лес и человек"


Sovetskaya street, 36-3
231600 Mosty






Grodno Oblast


1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Name & surname

Natalia Putilovskaya

Position/function within the organisation



+ 375 15 15 3 20 44


Project idea (in English)

“Keeping the natural heritage of the Mosty land by the implementation of interactive technologies into the museum area”. One of the most active developing directions of the Mosty museum “Nature and Man” is the ecological education of the younger generation and the formation of ecological culture of our region. Small size of the exposition room doesn’t allow us to fully encompass the ecological situation in our region and to show the unique places of the territory near Neman. Our project will be aimed at the active implementation of new information technologies into the ecological competition “Ecology. Man. Future” and into museum lessons, thematic excursions, theatrical performances. Families having many children, low-income families and people with disabilities, especially with mental impairments, will be engaged in the ecological activities of the museum. The result of the project will include the holding of the ecological festival “The Earth in your hands”, where everyone will be able to get acquainted with the ideas and contemporary technologies in the museum area.

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