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Ternopil secondary school #4

Organisation name in national language

Тернопільська загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів №4


M.Hrushevkiy str. 2, Ternopil
46001 Ternopil





Ternopilska Oblast


1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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already have partners: Association of comprehensive schools number 1 the city of Chorzow, Lyceum named after Y.Slowatsky the city of Chorzów

Name & surname

Natalia Levenets

Position/function within the organisation





Project idea (in English)

PROJECT "The revival of the Second Ternopil Gymnasium named after J. Slowatsky" Historical reference. Ternopil region is a "small homeland" of the great Polish poet and playwright Juliusz Slowatsky, because he was born and for some time lived in Kremenets. Ternopil is also closely connected with the famous poet. So during 1935-1939 his name was worn by the Second Ternopil Gymnasium. The building of the gymnasium was built in the early twentieth century and before the Soviet occupation was the advanced educational center of the city. After the end of the Second World War, there were Soviet and party authorities. And only since 1986 young citizens have been re-educating in this building. Today the building is a historical monument and an ornament of the historical part of Ternopil, in which more than 900 pupils of Ternopil secondary school № 4 learn. Administration and pedagogical staff of this educational institution appreciate the historical heritage and multiply the European educational traditions laid by the teachers of the Second Ternopil Gymnasium named after Y. Slowatsky.

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