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Berezne regional state administration

Organisation name in national language

Березнівська районна державна адміністрація


Rivne region, city of Berezne, 6 Kievskaya St
34600 Berezne





Rivnenska Oblast


1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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already have partners: Bartošice, Poland

Name & surname

Oleg Pischansky

Position/function within the organisation

first deputy of administration head




Project idea (in English)

Berezne District is located in a unique area rich in historical, geographical, archaeological and natural resources. Protected areas, rare flora and fauna are ready to provide unforgettable impressions to tourists, the edge of a unique microclimate, original art and a great cultural heritage. On the territory of the district there is the Nadsluchansky Regional Landscape Park. It is precisely on the preservation, development and popularization of the natural and cultural heritage that the work of the district administration is directed. In this direction, together with the European Union, a project has been implemented on the development of rural green tourism, developed tourist cycling and horse trails. The district is included in the Tourism Development Strategy of the Green Way "Honey Circle". It plans to establish partnerships with partners from Poland to ensure the development of recreational infrastructure and cross-border tourist routes.

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