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Department of ideological work, Culture and Youth Affairs of the Pinsk District Executive Committee

Organisation name in national language

Отдел идеологической работы, кеультуры и по делам молодёжи Пинского райисполкома


г.Пинск ул. К.Маркса, 28
225710 Пинск





Brest Oblast


1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Name & surname

Коптюх Олег Борисович

Position/function within the organisation

заведующий методическим центром


(8-0165) 65 36 48 +37529 606 16 70


Project idea (in English)

Development Of the center of traditional culture and life in the village of Merchitsy of the Pinsky district of the Brest region as a way of creating an integration Polish-Belarusian platform; conserve and promote the ethnographic heritage of the Pinsk region, the preservation of the Belarusian and Polish national and cultural traditions; creation of the hall of Polish culture and life, through which there will be a dialogue of cultures of Poland and Belarus; reconstruction of existing facilities for a hotel complex and catering; the inclusion of the Center in international tourist routes, the increase in tourist flows from the Republic of Poland and other countries, which is undoubtedly important for the image of tourist Poland and Belarus. the inclusion of the local population to the Centre; raise awareness of the region's population in matters of local traditions by holding a festival of folklore and arts "falvarak minulaga", which became the main festival brand Pinsk district;

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