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Gymnasium №1, Slonim, Grodno region

Organisation name in national language

Государственное учреждение образования "Гимназия №1 г.Слонима"


36, Sinichkina street, Slonim
231800 Slonim,Grodno region





Grodno Oblast


1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

body governed by public law

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Name & surname

Saihina Katerina

Position/function within the organisation

Deputy director




Project idea (in English)

In the frames of project, we are planning the organization of different activities in the form of games(intellectual, creative, media tours, quests, etc.) for the public in order to study, systematize, enrich the participants' knowledge about Slonim region. Slonim district has a huge potential of historical and cultural heritage. The project will contribute to the development of excursion tourism in the region, ensuring access to developed media resources (using Internet sites, creating a media tour bank), which will allow people with limited opportunities and low-income families from other regions to gain and expand knowledge about our region. For people with physical disabilities educational media tours will be created in electronic forms and will be posted on a website. Participants will enrich their knowledge and perceive the culture and history of Belarus positively, respect the traditions of both the national-cultural majority and national minorities, develop tolerant attitude towards national, confessional, racial and linguistic differences.

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