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Brest State University named after A.S.Pushkin (BrSU)

Organisation name in national language

Брестский государственный университет имени А.С.Пушкина (БрГУ)


Kosmonavtov Boulevard, 21
224016 Brest





Brest Oblast


2.2 Development of ICT infrastructure

Legal status of organisation

body governed by public law

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already have partners: no

Name & surname

Alexey Khomich

Position/function within the organisation

Leading Specialist, Department of International Affairs


+375-162 219243


Project idea (in English)

With the two traditional missions of European universities (teaching and research), the third one is now getting its importance, which is reflecting their involvement with local communities, and the society.The 3rd mission has 3 main dimensions: i) continuing education, ii) transfer technology and innovation, iii) social engagement. On the one hand, whereas BrSU has been committed to all 3rd mission's dimensions for decades,it's used the ICT infrastructures in the organized way only in the former two; there’s no ICT-based resource dealing with societal challenges in the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine border region, on the other. Project idea is to fill the gaps by creating a cross-border on-line platform (with the partnering HEIs) for a pool of ideas,concepts,proposals for social innovations/initiatives to bring up,discuss,formulate,and present in the sponsor/programme-tailored terms.The platform will invite input from local/regional governments, HEIs, researchers, industry, civil society/professional/international organizations and activists,prospective sponsors, and the general public.

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