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Drohobych branch of LLC "Medical School" Medic "

Organisation name in national language

Дрогобицька філія ТзОВ «Медичне училище «Медик»


Sahaidachnyi Str., 100
82100 Drohobych





Lvivska Oblast


3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

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Kvyatko Iryna

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Project idea (in English)

Construction in Drohobych Branch of the limited liability company "Medical College" medic " of sports hall to provide development of students physical skills and actions in emergency situations, practical methods of providing first aid in the amount of self- and mutual aid with wounds, injuries and lesions training paramedics. The aim of the project is necessary in the present conditions to prepare physically trained doctors, paramedics to provide the full range of first aid to the hospitalization of the victim in a stationary medical institution that in real situations significantly reduce the number of casualties in emergencies and acts of war, organizing and conducting training and the competition between specialized (medical) schools of Drohobych city and Drohobych region.

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