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Fund of transborder cooperation and special economic zones development

Organisation name in national language

Фонд розвитку транскордонного співробітництва та спеціальних економічних зон


Universitetska 21
88000 Uzhgorod





Zakarpatska Oblast


1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation


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Name & surname

Oleg Pilipenko

Position/function within the organisation

Executive director




Project idea (in English)

The programme target area unfortunately belongs to the underdeveloped regions mainly due to great distance from the capital and lack of interest of large investors. Consequently there is lack of jobs, high rate of unemployment that affects the people to turn away from the community cultural life. Adult cultural education in the partner countries provides an opportunity for individuals to develop their knowledge to implement their ideas from which the community benefits. In Ukraine there is no concept for lifelong learning thus professionals filling the variety of workplaces do not have access to new information which in this case leads to a lack of community cultural life. Thanks to the project the network of cultural managers comes to life with cooperation of the partners from PL and UA. In the frame of which partners will help to exchange of experiences learning of good practices, build cross-border cooperation with the local governments, libraries, community centers, NGOs, contribute to the transfer of new knowledge within the framework of non-formal adult cultural education and

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