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Vision Zero

Organisation name in national language

Віжн Зеро


4 Chornovola
78500 Ivano Frankivsk





Ivano-Frankivska Oblast


1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation


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already have partners: Center for Social and Business Initiatives (Ukraine)

Name & surname

Viktor Zagreba

Position/function within the organisation



+380 67 442 14 94


Project idea (in English)

Project title: "Vision Zero for Eastern Europe" (draft title) The proposed project aims at improving the situation with road safety in the target regions of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, as well as raising the security and the quality of life of local citizens, by supporting practical projects that reduce traffic crashes, streghten the capacities of local institutions, introduce best EU practices and encourage collaborations among transportation professionals in government, civil society and academic sectors. Project objectives: (1) Reduce the number of road crash victims in PL, BY and UA by building up the capacity of local stakeholders and improving policies in the fields of data collection, road engineering, road user education and law enforcement (2) Enhance mutual trust and institutional links by building horizontal collaborations among traffic-related professionals in government and civil society in three countries (3) Support data-based policy making and introduction of best EU practices in the fields of road safety on local, regional and national levels

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