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Ukrainian Medical Association in Lviv

Organisation name in national language

Українське Лікарське Товариство в Львові


79010 Lviv/Львів





Lvivska Oblast


1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation


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already have partners: Izba Lekarska

Name & surname

Andrii Basylewych

Position/function within the organisation

Head of board



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Project idea (in English)

History of Polish and Ukrainian medicine in a common space. The study, updating, promotion. An integrated project will be implemented in both areas simultaneously A joint team includes the heads of the two main partners (UMA Lviv and ?) and can to engage partners and professionals (medical historians, museum workers, IT journalists) from other regions. May be attached Museum of Medicine of Ukraine, National Scientific Medical Library of Ukraine, Polish Medical Association and other Main activities: • collection and compilation of historical materials about Ukrainian and Polish doctors and their medical associations (including Izby Lyekarskoyi in Lviv, founded in 1867 and Ukrainian medical society founded in 1910) with an emphasis on their interaction with colleagues and community activities. Research of gaps in life and work stories of prominent doctors, their medical and artistic heritage • modernization Galicia Medical History Museum to modern interactive facility and Methodological Center for Medical History Museums, which will coordinate the collection of study material

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