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Improvement of accessibility of the border region via upgrading of the regional road No. 698, including renovation of the bridge on the Toczna River in Łosice





Project type

Large Infrastructure Project


During implementation




2.1 Improvement and development of transport services and infrastructure




Mazowieckie Voivodeship (Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Poland)


Volyn Regional State Administration (Volyn Oblast, Ukraine)

TOTAL BUDGET 5 100 000.00 € ENI CO-FUNDING 4 590 000.00 €
DURATION 36 months 15.11.2018 - 14.11.2021

Project description

The DW698 project tackles the problem of weak connectivity between the Mazowieckie Voivodeship (PL), more precisely the region of Ostrołęka and Siedlce, with Brest (BY) and Volyn (UA) Oblasts. Project activities focus on shortening the travel time to the Polish-Belarusian and Polish-Ukrainian borders and improvement of road safety. The objective of the project is to facilitate and foster social, economic and tourist exchange between residents of the border regions of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

The scope of the DW698 project includes reconstruction of the provincial road No.698, construction of traffic lights and renovation of the bridge on the Toczna River in Łosice, as well as the renovation of the provincial road No.698 between Stok Lacki and Mordy. The project shall also include completion of road construction, electricity, telecom, rainwater and sanitary installations and bridge construction works.

The project is expected to boost the transport accessibility of the region which in turn shall lead to strengthening of cross-border economic, touristic and social links. In the aftermath of the project implementation, the conditions for entrepreneurship development in the area and the life quality of its inhabitants will be improved. As a result of the improved road system, starting new relations, including business relationships, will be substantially facilitated. The upgrade of technical parameters of the roads provides a chance to prompt local inhabitants to increase their social and economic engagement.


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