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Improvement of customs control efficiency at the road border checkpoint Damačava





Project type

Regular project






4.1 Support to border efficiency and security




Brest Custom House (Brest Oblast, Belarus)


Lublin Executive Board for Maintenance of Border Crossings (Lubelskie Voivodeship, Poland)
State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk Oblast, Belarus)

TOTAL BUDGET 234 807.94 € ENI CO-FUNDING 211 327.15 €
DURATION 22 months 01.09.2019 - 30.06.2021

Project description

The Belarusian-Polish border is one of key importance as it is a border not only between two countries, but primarily between Belarus and the European Union. The smooth functioning and safety are here extremely essential. Unfortunately the border crossing point (BCP) in Sławatycze–Damačava is unable to maintain border efficiency and security at an appropriate level – lack of necessary conditions for operative crossing leads to not enough fast time of customs clearance and formation of queues.

The partners of the WeightComplex project – Brest Oblast and Lubelskie Voivodeship – will jointly take the advantage of improving the quality of customs services and reducing time of crossing the border. At Sławatycze–Damačava border point the installation of complex weight metrical system for cargo vehicles is planned. The main construction will consist of entrance and exit roads and a rectangular modular cabin made of three-layer metal wall panels, where the automobile electronic weighing scales will provide static and in-motion weighing. Moreover, the project activities will contain the preparation works and purchase of additional equipment for operators (video cameras, microphones, batteries, uninterruptible power supply, computer and office equipment, etc.). Furthermore, the personnel working at the crossing point will be trained to future work with the weighing complex fully making of the system capability.

Installation of weight complexes at BCP Sławatycze–Damačava will create better conditions for operative and safe border crossing in both directions, permanently increasing the capacity of the crossing point. Preventing of illegal migration, prohibited goods trafficking and combating organized crime will be much easier now. In long term the passengers and cargo carriers, as well as the local inhabitants, will benefit from shorter waiting time and higher orders safety on the border. The project will promote faster and safer Polish-Belarusian border crossing enhancing foreign economic relations between the countries.


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