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Improvement of Ukraine – Poland border surveillance system (Southern segment)





Project type

Regular project






4.2 Improvement of border management operations, customs and visas procedures.




Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Mostysk Border Guard Detachment of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (Lviv Oblast, Ukraine)
Bieszczadzki Border Guard Regional Unit of the Republic of Poland (Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland)
Polish Border Guard Headquarters (Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Poland)

TOTAL BUDGET 2 420 522.20 € ENI CO-FUNDING 2 178 469.98 €
DURATION 36 months 06.11.2018 - 05.11.2021

Project description

The Polish-Ukrainian frontier forms the eastern external border of the European Union which makes it particularly vulnerable to illegal activity. Nowadays, the border guard units are facing new methods of smuggling and migration across the border using sophisticated, technical appliances, such as small aircraft flying at low altitudes – up to 1.5 km, which is beyond the reach of radars. It is extremely difficult to counteract such practices as they are beyond border control areas. The usage of mobile thermo-vision complexes is one of the possibilities for early detecting small aircraft and other illegal objects.

The IBSSSouth project has ensured efficient and up-to-date monitoring of the Polish-Ukrainian border for better crime protection through high-level surveillance systems. Within its activities, the Mostyska Border Guard Department from Ukraine (Lviv Oblast) has been accessorized with 8 patrol vehicles, 3 mobile thermal vision complexes, and 111 portable, automobile, and stationary radio stations. In Poland, the Bieszczadzki Border Guard Regional Unit (Podkarpackie Voivodeship) has purchased 3 optical-electronic surveillance systems, 7 thermal cameras, and perimeter protection tools. New equipment in both countries is now ensuring timely and rapid information about illegal incidents enabling fast counteracting cross-border crime. The project has also facilitated the legalization of small enterprises and fostered legal cross-border trade. In addition, the partners have conducted meetings, training, and joint patrolling to ensure closer cooperation between the border service units, a better understanding of procedures as well as the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Prevention of border crimes has had a positive impact on the citizens of the region. From a longer perspective, it will stimulate economic growth based on equal opportunities in trade, production, and tourism. Modern surveillance systems will create conditions allowing fast and efficient management on both sides of the Polish-Ukrainian border opening the way to the EU.


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