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Common cultural workshops as an opportunity for the development of cross-border cooperation





Project type



Not started




1.1 Promotion of local culture and history




Milanów Commune (Lubelskie Voivodeship, Poland)


Radvanіčy Rural Executive Committee (Brest Oblast, Belarus)

TOTAL BUDGET 64 675.00 € ENI CO-FUNDING 58 207.50 €
DURATION 6 months

Project description

The project area, represented by Commune of Milanów in Poland and Municipality of Radvanichi in Belarus, is the region of confluence and diffusion of cultures with a very wide origin – ranging from the Black Sea region elements, Ruthenian, Ukrainian and Jewish right through to the influences of Transcarpathia. This is what makes this region unique in Europe. However, efficient use of this area is hampered by limited funding for cultural activities, poor culture-related cooperation, and lower interest among young people in local traditions and culture.

Addressing these challenges, the project PL-BY_Wedding is aimed to develop cross-border cooperation between Milanów and Radvanichi and to create a new tourist product – attractive performance based on local wedding traditions. Involving young people from Poland and Belarus as the main target group, project partners intend to preserve regional traditions, making them more attractive and vital.  Diversity of professional workshops for pupils in dancing, theatre, music, and local cuisine will make participants closer to the regional culture. The highlight of the project will be a performance „Polish-Belarusian Wedding” showing traditions, culture, customs, rites, folk costumes, and cuisine of both countries, presenting differences and similarities between both nations. It will be staged according to the script written jointly by workshop participants.

The album on cultural traditions specific to a particular region with national dresses, dishes, and dances, as well as a wide promotional campaign, will enhance the project concept.

The project will help to overcome barriers designed to consolidate, protect, and promote the historical and cultural heritage of the cross-border area. At the same time, the initiative is expected to be an important stimulus for the development of tourism over the project area, thanks to the use of promotional tools. It will also have a positive effect on the cultural activation of young people and establishing personal relationships.

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