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Promotion of local heritage in Wisznice municipality and Brest District





Project type



Not started




1.1 Promotion of local culture and history




Municipal Culture and Education Center in Wisznice (Lubelskie Voivodeship, Poland)


Ideology, Culture and Youth work Sector of the Brest District Executive Committee (Brest Oblast, Belarus)

TOTAL BUDGET 69 575.00 € ENI CO-FUNDING 59 445.00 €
DURATION 6 months

Project description

Wisznice municipality and Brest District are located in the border area of Poland and Belarus. They are separated by only 50 km and used to be within the same country in the past. Many traditions and common heritage of this region have survived, which can now become an attractive tourist product. But the cultural heritage of the area is not fully used. Tourist traffic is limited.

The project YouthFestival is a response to these problems. Municipal Culture and Education Center in Wisznice and Ideology, Culture and Youth Work Sector of the Brest District Executive Committee have teamed up to strengthen the cultural and historical potential of the borderland area, and promote shared cultural and historical heritage.

It was decided to focus on youth. The idea to present to Belarusian partners on how to implement youth initiatives will be realized in Poland during the youth exchange visit. Young Poles will show their colleagues how they cooperate with local authorities. Positive experience from youth exchange in Poland will be extended during a similar visit to Belarus. The youth will organize together two music festivals in Wisznice and Brest. Thanks to festivals and workshops, young people and employees of local cultural institutions will gain experience in the organization of international events, their promotion, and technical and legal issues. Festivals contribute to building a brand and adding a new fixture to the cultural events calendar of the borderland.

Exchange of experience will lead to the substantive strengthening of people directly involved in the promotion of the area. In its turn, the cross-border events will contribute to the development of tourism in the Wisznice municipality as well as in the Brest district.

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