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Old traditions always young - Polish-Belarusian cooperation to preserve the cultural heritage of The City of Masty and The Municipality of Czarna Białostocka





Project type







1.1 Promotion of local culture and history




Cultural Centre in Czarna Białostocka (Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland)


Masty Regional Center of Crafts (Hrodna Oblast, Belarus)
The Sector of Culture of Masty Regional Executive Committee (Hrodna Oblast, Belarus)

TOTAL BUDGET 59 992.50 € ENI CO-FUNDING 52 997.37 €
DURATION 12 months 01.07.2021 - 30.06.2022

Project description

Podlaskie voivodeship in Poland and Hrodna Oblast in Belarus are the regions with a deeply ingrained history of handicraft traditions. Some of the local techniques have been existing on both sides of the border but some of them are characteristic only for their districts. One thing is common – this area represents a great legacy, which has to be supported and promoted to stay alive for future generations.

Identical needs defined on both sides of the border, including inefficient use of cultural potential, the lack of suitable conditions and knowledge of regional culture and history, mainly among the young people, was the reason for the Project TRADITIONS. The project idea is to maintain and promote cultural heritage related to the old local handicraft traditions of the town Mosty in Belarus and the Czarna Białostocka Commune in Poland, as well as to improve the image and attractiveness of both regions in terms of tourism and economy.

Various events were organized on the Polish side of the border: Polish-Belarusian Plein-air workshop of traditional sculpture, the Path of Tradition - Polish-Belarusian open-air sculpture workshop, Traditional Pottery Plein-art event, Festival - Traditional handicraft fair. Moreover, the tourist infrastructure in Poland was improved, which will attract tourists and promote traditional crafts of the region.

There will be an increase of interest among locals in preserving the identity of the region, in the rebirth of traditional crafts. It will give an opportunities for the creation and development of small craft businesses and tourism.

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