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Nature's treasury beyond borders





Project type







1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage




Białowieża National Park (Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland)


The Department of Education of Pinsk City Council (Brest Oblast, Belarus)
II Secondary School with Additional Belorussian Language Teaching in Hajnówka (Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland)
State Educational Establishment “School No. 3, Pinsk" (Brest Oblast, Belarus)
Local Environmental Fund "Nature Reserves of Brest region" (Brest Oblast, Belarus)
Hajnowski Poviat (Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland)

TOTAL BUDGET 66 768.00 € ENI CO-FUNDING 59 968.00 €
DURATION 12 months 01.06.2021 - 31.05.2022

Project description

The Białowieża Forest and Polesie are a unique natural areas of the borderland with retained natural flora. Along with the flora, different traditions of using herbs remained unchanged among residents. For years these traditions have been the inspiration for a folk culture including embroidery, weaving, songs, and beliefs. Unfortunately, nowadays the traditions of this area are not very popular in Poland and Belarus.

At the same time, continual commercial use of farming plants from natural habitats endangers highly plants biodiversity, species durability, and the existence of natural ecosystems. It makes local communities sensitive to the problem of extinction of rare plants, endangered species.

The project NatureTreasury was initiated by 3 Polish and 3 Belarusian partners. The project aim is to raise awareness among locals on the need to protect precious and endangered plants. Furthermore, it should be done not through restrictions but by pointing out the strong bonds between herb traditions and residents. The project will show an alternative way - growing herbs as farm plants. Thanks to that, the areas will remain attractive to the tourists and in its turn, traditionally used herbs which farmed nowadays can become local products.

The project will prepare local teachers and students to elaborate original programs to attract residents’ attention to the problem. The educators will be supported by two Education Centers, established by partners. Pupils' research activity will be carried out under the supervision of educators and the collected materials will be published in the brochure "Outlines of classes". In order to involve the wide public, mobile exhibitions will be created. Cross-Border Camp "Live wisely with nature" and Festival "Nature's treasury beyond borders" will enhance the project effects.

These activities will strengthen people's connections with nature and have a positive influence in the future on local’s living standards. Additionally, the cross-border cooperation of the regions will enrich the exchange of good practice between areas valuable in terms of their nature and their environmental education.


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