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Sustainable tourism development in nature protected areas of the Carpathians





Project type







1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage




National Natural Park "Skolivski Beskydy" (Lviv Oblast, Ukraine)


Association of self-governments "Euroregion Carpathians - Ukraine" (Lviv Oblast, Ukraine)
Association for Development and Promotion of Podkarpacie "Pro Carpathia" (Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland)

TOTAL BUDGET 64 777.00 € ENI CO-FUNDING 58 297.00 €
DURATION 18 months 20.12.2019 - 19.06.2021

Project description

The Carpathian Mountains are of high value as natural heritage. This area is a centre of biodiversity, a refuge for many endangered plant and animal species, and Europe's largest virgin forest area. Breath-taking sceneries and the opportunity to explore „wild” nature attract a growing number of tourists. However, speaking of protected areas, is tourism good or evil? On the one hand, areas of natural parks need investments to develop recreation infrastructure while on the other hand, the growing human pressure caused by the increasing intensity of tourist traffic may be harmful to local ecosystems.

The ProtectNature project team is convinced that tourism should be based on the concept of sustainability. Thus, the project’s activities were designed to enhance sustainable tourism in natural parks. Employees of Ukrainian and Polish national natural parks took part in “Academy of sustainable development in protected areas” and the conference "Modern solutions for the development of active tourism in nature protected areas".  Polish partner organized ecological workshop in Wołosate,  produced and distributed 10 radio releases broadcasted by Polish Radio Rzeszów, produced promotional film about sustainable tourism in protected areas. Moreover, a cross-border concept of active tourism in natural parks has been elaborated laying the ground for further cooperation. In particular, it contained the recommendations for recreation infrastructure in 3 natural parks in Ukraine - "Skolivski Beskydy", "Hutsulshchyna" and "Synevyr". Finally, Information ecological point has been built in "Skolivski Beskydy" natural park to provide the information about local attractions and eco-friendly tourism. In order to arrange and direct the flow of tourists along the ecological-cognitive path, clearing and renewal of marking of the ecological - educational path on Parashka mountain (9 km long) has been conducted, garbage cans and containers, informational stand and 10 signs have been installed. In order to promote eco-friendly tourism among the young people cross-border painting contest was conducted, which attracted 114 young artists.

The project will contribute to the promotion of natural parks in Ukraine and Poland, enhancing ecological awareness and preserving the natural heritage on both sides of the border. The achieved results will strengthen the existing forms of cooperation and initiate new ideas.


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