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Sounds of nature. SlowRivers — practical package for tourists





Project type







1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage




Podkarpackie Regional Tourism Board (Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland)


Association of self-governments "Euroregion Carpathians - Ukraine" (Lviv Oblast, Ukraine)

TOTAL BUDGET 60 866.52 € ENI CO-FUNDING 54 779.87 €
DURATION 24 months 15.11.2019 - 14.11.2021

Project description

The beautiful area, where the San and Strwiąż rivers flow, is full of large forested areas, a significant number and a huge diversity of animal species. Rich and well-preserved natural environment in the border area of Poland and Ukraine with low population density makes it an attractive place for those who enjoy exploring wild nature. Although the area could be a paradise for nature lovers from all over the world, it is hardly known beyond its borders and its tourism potential is not fully exploited. 

The main challenge of the SlowRivers project is to use the potential of the San and Strwiąż rivers basins for developing innovative tourist products, preserving their natural values at the same time. The first part of the project will involve elaboration of the strategy, including an inventory of existing tourist products and the development of new ones, as well as public consultations with local communities. The second part will be devoted to the promotion of new tourist products. During  4 promotional events, participants (tourists and media representatives) will have an opportunity to try out different forms of water activities (such as canoeing, pontoon trips and rafting), learn about the natural heritage of the border area and meet special guests (e.g. nature photography instructor, ornithologist specializing in bird-watching and ichthyologist). New eco-conscious approach to tourism and leisure will be presented and promoted. To assist future travellers, an online multimedia guide will be developed with the information on water trails, maps, descriptions of natural attractions, photos of wild birds and audio recordings of the sounds of nature. Printed materials, such as maps with suggested tourist routes, will be issued and distributed.

The project activities will lead to an increase in tourist traffic in the Polish-Ukrainian border area without harming the natural values. Local communities will become ambassadors of their region, able to promote it and initiate new activities in the field of sustainable tourism and natural heritage protection.

water routes created as part of the project


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