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Young Local Guardians of Bug Valley Nature





Project type







1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage




Association "Local Action Group – Bug Valley Melting Pot" (Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland)


NGO “Local Agency of Economic Development of Kamyanka-Buzka District” (Lviv Oblast, Ukraine)
Municipal Institution Local Ethnographic Museum of Perechyn (Zakarpattya Oblast, Ukraine)

TOTAL BUDGET 61 909.03 € ENI CO-FUNDING 55 718.13 €
DURATION 26 months 01.01.2020 - 28.02.2022

Project description

The Bug Valley region is characterized by natural richness and well-preserved natural areas (landscape parks, nature reserve, Nature 2000 area). This natural diversity can encourage tourists to visit this beautiful region and positively influence its development. On the other hand, weak promotion and education of the natural potential and the need to protect the Bug Valley areas on both sides of the border are factors that inhibit tourism development.

The implementation of the BugGuardians project aims to solve these common cross-border challenges. Partners from Poland and Ukraine intend to activate tourism in the region by organizing youth camps, school workshops, contests for participants, nature viewing platform, quests and awareness campaign (websites, Facebook, promotion clip etc.). First of all, an educational and promotional campaign will be carried out to intensify tourism in the Bug Valley, while keeping the proper use of this natural area. Via common meetings and trainings, the partners will also exchange experiences, methods, patterns, ideas to implement the best practices in the future. What’s interesting, the project activities will take place in the spaces specially adapted for the disabled (ramps, clear marking, means of transport). The workshops and outdoor games planned by the partners devoted to the natural heritage of the  Bug Valley will interest young tourists and inhabitants in spending their free time in the Bug Valley, to get to know the natural heritage of this area.

The expected project outcomes will result in a long-term cooperation between partners from Poland and Ukraine keeping the nature protection platform and infrastructure, as well as attracting the tourists and inhabitants of the region. The project will popularize the natural heritage of the Bug River, develop tourism and have a positive impact on the economic potential of the region. Stimulation of the local community by creating pro-natural attitudes and tourist products will increase the number of tourists in the cross-border area.

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