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Cooperation for the development of the common local culture and history of the Commune of Mielnik and Town of Wysokie





Project type



Not started




1.1 Promotion of local culture and history




Mielnik Commune (Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland)


Center for Advanced Education of Children and Youth in Town of Wysokie (Brest Oblast, Belarus)

TOTAL BUDGET 55 716.00 € ENI CO-FUNDING 50 144.40 €
DURATION 12 months

Project description

Despite the short distance that separates the Mielnik Commune and the town of Vysokaye (approx. 20 km), the level of contacts and interpersonal relations between neighbours of these locations is low and insufficient. It is caused by the historical fact that this area was divided by a border after World War II. The main goal of the project is to improve cross-border cooperation through developing joint activities aimed at establishing and later maintaining contacts of local communities - Mielnik in Poland and Vysokaye in Belarus.

Realization of MielnikWysokie project will refresh the culture, traditions of its neighbours, build friendships and positive mutual relations. The main activities in the project will be international meetings of children and youth (dancing), arts and crafts workshops, Christmas and New Year meetings, a folklore festival, as well as a publication about the common regions’ history. All events will be implemented jointly both in Poland and in Belarus. Besides, partners will organize a study visit to better know each other. At the same time, the implementation of MielnikWysokie project will evaluate institutional cooperation at the level of project partners and will strengthen cultural links. Also, an additional effect will be the education of children and youth and the promotion of local cultural heritage and native traditions. Furthermore, the inhabitants of Poland and Belarus will jointly participate in all planned activities (meetings, festivals, workshops), during which they will exchange experiences, familiarize themselves with the traditions and the culture, find common roots of the residents of both regions.

The direct beneficiaries of all MielnikWysokie project activities will be the residents of the Mielnik Commune in Poland and the town of Vysokaye in Belarus participating in cross-border events. Moreover, cooperation between partners will be continued in the future and will also include activities aimed at maintaining neighbour contacts.

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