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Preservation and promotion of the common cultural heritage through museum activities


Muzea PL/BY



Project type







1.1 Promotion of local culture and history




State Institution of Culture "Khoiniki Regional Museum of local lore" (Homiel Oblast, Belarus)


Association of Local Governments of Euroregion Bug (Lubelskie Voivodeship, Poland)

TOTAL BUDGET 42 371.36 € ENI CO-FUNDING 38 134.22 €
DURATION 10 months 01.07.2020 - 30.04.2021

Project description

The Muzea PL/BY project will face the challenge of low demand for the museums situated on the border territory of Belarus and Poland.  Khoiniki Regional Museum of Local Lore (BY), Museum of Stanisław Staszic in Hrubieszów (PL), Museum of the Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District in Włodawa (PL) and Museum of Józef Ignacy Kraszewski in Romanów (PL) feel the lack of visitors and low interest in their museum offer. Only 4 000 people visited the Khoiniki Museum last year. The museum exhibitions are poor, there are no authentic exhibits from the joint historical period. A similar situation can be noticed in the other mentioned museums.

The project partners will focus on improving the tourist attractiveness of targeted museums. For this purpose, a number of activities have been undertaken to help create a new, attractive tourist offer and to promote it. The “Three palaces" tourist trail will be developed and marked, museums will be equipped with new exhibits and multimedia equipment (audioguides), a trilingual guide "In the Footsteps of a Multicultural Past" will be created. Additionally, an exchange of experiences between museum employees (100 people) and learning about effective tools and technologies with the help of which it will be possible to enrich the museum's offer and, at the same time, to promote it effectively. It is also planned to organize conferences for museums’ employees and local governments in Belarus and Poland.

Increasing the attractiveness of museums by expanding the tourist offer will increase the rank of objects and the estimated number of museum visitors to 3 500 per year. The effects of the Muzea PL/BY project activities will be beneficial to the inhabitants of the regions and tourists visiting on both sides of the border.

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