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Development of partnership cooperation for improvement of road infrastructure located in the borderland of the Podlaskie Voivodeship and the Hrodna District








2.1 Improvement and development of transport services and infrastructure




The Podlaskie Voivodship Roads Authority in Białystok (Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland)


The Municipal Unitary Enterprise Design, Repair & Construction “Grodnoobldorstroj” (Hrodna Oblast, Belarus)

TOTAL BUDGET 1 330 792.42 € ENI CO-FUNDING 1 197 713.18 €
DURATION 20 months 01.12.2018 - 31.07.2020

Project description

The road no H 6054 has crucial meaning in terms of communication of the Belarusian-Polish borderland. The route ensures the access to the popular tourist attraction “Augustów Canal” park area in Poland, thoroughly renovated in recent years. Major part of the road was already restored thanks to support from
the CBC Programme PL-BY-UA 2007-2013, but still one of the sections needs immediate works. It does not match with the entrepreneurship of people,
nor the intensity of production or the mobility of residents. The road is even more important in terms of planned reactivation of the border-crossing point Lipszczany-Sofijewo.

The partners of the DOPC project decided to challenge the insufficient accessibility of Hrodna Oblast and reconstruct the 5.8 km long section of the local road No. 6054 connecting towns Racičy and Sapockin, towards “Augustów Canal”. The construction works will include the bicycle path, lighting, 7 culverts, 4 bus stops and parking space along the route. Moreover, due to significantly depreciated equipment, the Belarusian partner will purchase the road maintenance machines (tractor with mower, machine for shoulder profiling, dump truck and snowplough). The project includes providing common promotion activities as well.

The exchange of experience between Polish and Belarusian partners will bring long-term socio-economic benefits on both sides of the border.
Designed road, together with previously renovated sections, will create one of the main communication corridors of the visa-free entry between Poland
and Belarus, improving the transport capacity as well as people and goods movement across the border. Furthermore, the overall safety and comfort of drivers will increase, because of the separation of the pedestrian and bicycle traffic from the vehicle traffic, reduced noise and pollution, what will influence the living conditions of residents. Travel and transportation time on this part of the road will be shortened by 8%. The valuable tourist destination “Augustów Canal”
will be available now for Polish as well as Belarusian visitors.


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