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Project of the week - ECOROADS

03 / 07 / 2019
Category: Project News

The project “Improvement of border region road infrastructure in the following districts: Zamosc (Poland) and Sokal (Ukraine), combined with promotion of pro-ecology solutions” (acronym ECOROADS) is implemented within the Thematic Objective ACCESSIBILITY. The Lead Beneficiary of the project is the Zamość District (PL), while the project partner is Sokal District (UA).

The main obstacle for Zamość and Sokal Districts growth and development is insufficient road network, which limits their accessibility and attractiveness. The region is full of tourist attractions and unspoiled nature sights. The overall objective of ECOROADS is to develop the transport network system to boost the economy and tourism. Additionally, it will have a positive impact on cultural initiatives and the development of social and economic cohesion of the region. The final beneficiaries of the project will be the residents of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland, tourists as well as enterprises and local authorities.

The implementation of the project started on 04th July 2018. The reconstruction of roads in the Zamość District started on 8th October 2018. The total length of reconstructed roads is 11.4 km and connects two rural areas: Komarów and Miączyn. The new surface with width enlargement to 5.5 m is finished on the whole road section. Other investment works are finalized in 90%: reconstruction of intersections, construction of pavements, forming bilateral shoulders, reconstruction of the drainage system and finally reconstruction of main road exits. The Ukrainian partner is at the stage of selecting the contractor for construction works planned in the project.

Partners involved in project conducted lessons on road safety and pro-ecological solutions in five primary schools (two schools in the Zamość District and three in the Sokal District) located within the project area. Children received reflective V-suspenders and bags to be visible on the roads. Additionally, at the end of the above mentioned lessons, an art competition "Renewable energy for the better future" concerning the use of renewable energy sources was realised for school pupils from Zamość and Sokal District and on 29th May in Ukaine and 10th June 2019 in Poland, the winning entries were selected.

According to the grant contract, the project ECOROADS will be implemented till 03th May 2020.


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