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Project of the week - CrossGovernance

18 / 07 / 2019
Category: Project News

The project “Improvement of road infrastructure in Poviat Sejny and Grodno District” (acronym CrossGovernance) is implemented within the Thematic Objective ACCESSIBILITY. The Lead Beneficiary of the project is the Sejneński Poviat (PL). Together with Belarusian partners from Hrodna Oblast, they need to face the problem of the insufficient road network and old road infrastructure, which are one of the main obstacles to the tourism development of these border areas. The goal set by project partners is to improve the transport infrastructure and create a base for its further improvement. Achieving that, the CrossGovernance project will make the borderland area more accessible, safer and convenient for streams of passenger traffic, public services, tourists and inhabitants. Basic information on the project may be found in the attached project card.

The implementation of the project has started on 1st February 2019. By the end of June 2019, three months in advance, the first stage of the road reconstruction was completed on the poviat road Poćkuny - Berżniki. The total length of the reconstructed road is 1.2 km and it connects two rural areas: Berżniki and Folwark Berżniki. During the reconstruction works culvert on the Kunisianka river was renovated. The new asphalt surface with a total width of 6.0 m is finished on the whole road section along with the construction of road exits and pavements. Additionally, the road drainage system was completed and road signs placed. Currently, the lead beneficiary releases the tender procedure for the modernization of the remaining 5.9 km road section Ogrodniki - Berżniki. The project partners from Belarus are also well advanced in works. The reconstruction of the road Hrodna - Sapockin is finished in 85% and in August 2019 road will be ready to use. The road passes through Augustów Canal and connects the city of Hrodna with the Sapockin and Sonichi villages. Similarly, as in above-mentioned roadworks, the new asphalt surface with an increased thickness along the 4.3 km long road section is finished. The road was also reinforced, a drainage system is completed, four culverts were renovated and two buses stop built.

According to the grand contract, the project should be completed by 31st January 2021.

project card


Project of the week_0320_CrossGovernance

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