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Project of the week - KSICHER

07 / 08 / 2019
Category: Project News

The project “Improving cross-border environmental protection system in Księżpol Commune in Poland and in the city of Chervonograd in Ukraine - through the development of sewerage infrastructure” (acronym KSICHER) is implemented within the Thematic Objective HERITAGE. The Lead Beneficiary of the project is the Księżpol Commune while the project partner is Chervonograd City Council. Across the project territory flows the Tanew River and Bug River. Every year the state of water in both rivers is getting worse because of the amount of sewage discharged and the outdated water purification facilities. A common challenge of both partners is to improve this situation. The objective of the project is to protect the natural heritage by preventing the polluting of rivers flowing through the project area. In the scope of the project, sewage treatment will be expanded in Księżpol Commune while modernized in Chervonograd City and finally the sewage system in nearby villages will be constructed.

The implementation of the project started on 1st September 2018. On 9th July 2019 the lead beneficiary has signed the agreement for the construction works for the extension of the sewage treatment plant and the construction of a sanitary sewage system in the following nearby villages: Stare Króle, Markowicze, Gliny and Cegielnia Markowicze. The representatives of the project partner from Ukraine visited the Księżpol Commune. Guests from Ukraine could get acquainted with the construction and operation of sewage treatment plants in Księżpol and Sędziszów. The meeting was an occasion for them to exchange experiences and gain knowledge which will be helpful during project implementation.

According to the grand contract, the project should be completed by 31st August 2020.

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