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Project of the week - PaNTHer

18 / 10 / 2019
Category: Project News

The PaNTHer project partners need to face the problem of poor technical condition of the infrastructure and its insufficient accessibility in the Przemyski Poviat (PL) and the Staryi Sambir. Such situation limits the development of the local towns and villages and weakens their connection with larger municipal centres what inhibit their economic, cultural and social exchange. The overall objective of the PaNTHer project is to address the aforementioned problems by creating conditions for the Polish and Ukrainian residents’ cooperation through increasing access to the communication in peripheral areas of the borderland.

More about the project you can read in the enclosed pdf file.

The implementation of the PaNTHer project began on 1st November 2018. Following the tender procedures, the Lead Beneficiary signed the contract for the reconstruction of the regional roads in Przemyski Poviat (Hurko-Jaksmanice, Krówniki-Jaksmanice and Przemysl-Łuczyce-Rożubowice road sections). Construction works on all the sections were carried out simultaneously and were completed by the end of September. In all cases, the roads were reinforced and the new asphalt surface with a total width varying from 5.5 m to 6 m was laid on the whole road section including two roundabouts. Additionally, the road drainage system was made with the use of the existing rainwater drainage system. The other project activities concerned constructions of pavements and 2 bus bays. The total length of the improved roads is approximately 9 km and it connects the rural areas of the Przemyski Poviat. In the meantime, the Ukrainian partner released the tender procedure for the road improvement and selected the contractor. Redevelopment of the local roads has already started and at this stage, the investment progress can be estimated at 30%.

According to the grant contract, the project should be completed by 30th April 2020.



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