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Project of the week - ImTraPBU

18 / 11 / 2019
Category: Project News

The project responds to the problems identified in the border regions of three countries, relating particularly low communication accessibility, poor quality of road infrastructure and inefficient transportation system. To reduce the impact of these negative factors broad partnership was established involving Jabłoń Community, as a Lead Beneficiary together with partners from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. The ImTraPBU project will modernise road sections crucial for the local development of all addressed areas.

More about the project you can read in the enclosed pdf file.

The implementation of the ImTraPBU project began on 4th July 2018. Polish partners selected contractors for construction works within two open tender procedures. The scope of construction works has been divided into two stages. At first, a section of the newly built road with a length of 0.25 km was completed in the Jabłoń Community and 9 sections of the total length of 7.7 km were rebuilt at the partners: Jabłoń, Milanów, Wisznice, Rossosz and Parczewski Poviat.  In total, 7.95 km of roads were built and reconstructed with the new asphalt surface along the whole road section. During the next phase, construction and renovation works were carried out on 6 sections of roads with a total length of 4.6 km. Since the beginning of the project in Poland, 12.578 km of municipal and poviat roads have been covered by works. Representatives of partners from Ukraine and Belarus took part in the meeting of the Construction Council where they could see the road construction process in Poland. The meeting was an opportunity for them to exchange experiences and gain knowledge that will be helpful during project implementation.

In April 2019, road construction works began in the Zabrody Commune (Ukraine) - in Zabrody and Łuczica and in July were completed with the 4.22 km of new roads built. Meanwhile, the Belarusian partner on 28th June signed a contract for road construction works in the Znamienka Municipality which will cover 3 roads section in Zarzeczna, Sportowa and Klonowa located in the town of Znamienka with a total length of 2.7 km. Finally, the project Lead Beneficiary - Jablon Commune is in the course of preparing the procedure for selecting the contractor for developing the transport strategy concerning the future cross-border infrastructure development.


Project of the week_0183_ImTraPBU

We are presented just the few road sections that have been improved within the project.

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