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Project of the week - EcoChem

20 / 03 / 2020
Category: Project News

'Shared initiatives for increasing security of the cross-border area in the event of ecological and chemical disasters' (acronym EcoChem) is a SECURITY project being implemented by 5 communes from the Siemiatycki Poviat with partners from Hrodna Oblast.

Rescuers from project area for years have been encountering dangers related to ecological disasters such as chemical contamination of Bug and Neman rivers. Due to its age and type, the emergency and fire equipment currently in used is inadequate to deal with the possible dangers …. Having this in regard and willing to make a change, the EcoChem project wish to increase safety in the cross-border area.

The implementation of the EcoChem project began on 1st June 2019. As part of the schedule, it was agreed that the first equipment part will be delivered to Polish partners. Basing on detailed technical documentation a tender was announced and the contract was signed on 22th May. On 8th July, in the presence of local government, firefighters and residents of the Siemiatycze Commune and Poviat, 5 new fire-rescue vehicles were officially handed over to the Voluntary Fire Department Units from communes Siemiatycze, Milejczyce, Perlejewo, Nurzec-Stacja and Dziadkowice. The ceremony took place in Kajanka, where one of the vehicles was delivered. Currently, the Polish partner is releasing a tender for additional 2 average rescue cars and 2 reconnaissance vehicles, while Belarusian partner is in the process of preparing a tender for purchase of 2 rescue vehicles.

According to the grant contract, the project should be completed by 31st May 2021.



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