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Project of the week - HealthyCities

12 / 05 / 2020
Category: Project News

This week we would like to present a project which is a joint initiative of two Carpathian cities. The lead beneficiary is the City of Krosno (Poland), and the project partners are the City of Uzhhorod (Ukraine) and the Fund of Transborder Cooperation Development (Ukraine). Project ‘Increasing access to health services in Krosno and Uzhhorod’ (acronym HealthyCities) is implemented under the Thematic Objective SECURITY and is devoted to health protection.

The HealthyCities project aims at improvement of physical and mental health among children, adolescents and the elderly, and to increase public health awareness by delivering wider access to health services for residents of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland. The activities implemented as part of the project are to provide necessary knowledge about the health status of children and adolescents as well as people over 18 years living in Krosno and Uzhhorod.

The project started on October 12th, 2018. Up to now, a total of 9,500 medical tests have been conducted among students of both involved cities, including screening of eyesight, hearing, cardiological tests, orthopedic and allergies examinations. 27 school medicine offices in Uzhhorod have been equipped with medical sets. Each set consists of 53 elements which include among others: stadiometers, eye test boards, pulse oximeters, portable electrocardiographs, glucometers, blood pressure monitors and others. Furthermore, corrective gymnastic equipment for 11 schools in Krosno was bought and delivered by the lead beneficiary – over 900 pieces of various accessories such as mattresses, gym sets, walking lines, multifunctional ladders, floorball sets, exercise sets, therapeutic disks and motion games. Additionally, by the end of December 2019, in schools in Krosno where corrective classes were conducted, over 600 hours of exercise, within the project implementation, were carried out. Workshops promoting health, first-aid training and examinations towards cardiovascular diseases will shortly start for residents of Krosno. Mannequins bought within the project will be used during the first-aid training of basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation activities.

 According to the grant contract, the project will be completed by 11th September 2020.



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