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First two BORDERS' projects completed

17 / 07 / 2020
Category: Project News

We are pleased to inform you that we already have the first projects in thematic objective BORDERS in which all planned activities have been implemented.

At the beginning of July, two projects implemented jointly by the Lead Beneficiary - the Podlaski Voivode and the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus under the thematic objective BORDERS were completed.

Improvement of the crossing capacity, acceleration of border control and higher safety - these are the effects of the reconstruction of the border crossing in Kuźnica Białostocka. It is the largest road border-crossing in the Podlaskie Voivodeship and one of the largest on the Schengen border in Poland. The modernization was carried out as part of projects: "Improvement to the capacity, control and security of the road border crossing in Kuźnica Białostocka" (acronym: ROAD) and "Remodelling of passport and customs control pavilions in the road border crossing in Kuźnica Białostocka" (acronym: PAVILIONS).

Thanks to the projects, the border crossing was expanded by two additional control lanes in each direction. Additional pavilions for custom and passport control were also built, the technical infrastructure of the crossing rebuilt, dynamic weights were installed, which allow customs officers to reduce the time and increase the accuracy of truck vehicle control. An automatic traffic block system which allows for automatic stoppage of vehicles was also installed. Both projects have a huge significance for the local community, primarily resulting in the comfort of travellers. The border controls are now more effective and allow to ultimately increase the crossing capacity by at least 60-70%. During the ceremonial opening of the rebuilt crossing, Ewa Stachowicz, coordinating both projects on behalf of the Podlaskie Voivodeship Office, emphasized that:

After the reconstruction, during the day, at the crossing in Kuźnica, you can control around 1.2-1.3 thousand trucks a day, while before the improvement it was around 800 trucks

These are the first projects successfully completed in the current edition of the Programme.
We are waiting for the results of the subsequent co-financed ventures.


Projects 569 i 572 completed

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