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Results of Cross-border online contest for teenagers within European Cooperation Day 2020

21 / 08 / 2020
Category: Programme News

We have completed the evaluation of applications sent within CBC online competition for teenagers “Together for Greener Tomorrow!” organized under the European Cooperation Day 2020. The quality of submitted applications confirmed that teenagers from the Programme eligible area are very creative.

We appreciate your efforts and commitment!

Below we present the winning teams invited to take part in Step 2 of the competition.


  1. Team “EKOHOLICY” – Lubelskie Voivodeship
  2. Team “ECO-CHALLENGE-KSIĘŻPOL2020” – Lubelskie Voivodeship
  3. Team “EKO-LOGICZNI” – Podkarpackie Voivodeship


  1. Team “Chistaya Priroda” – Hrodna Oblast
  2. Team “Ecologists of Borisov region” – Minsk Oblast
  3. Team “EcoShok” – Brest Oblast
  4. Team “Eco-Alliance” – Hrodna Oblast
  5. Team “Coffee. Plants. Town” – Minsk Oblast
  6. Team “EcoZachet” – Brest Oblast
  7. Team “GreenArt” – Hrodna Oblast
  8. Team “ECODELO” – Hrodna Oblast
  9. Team “ECOS” – Hrodna Oblast
  10. Team “ECORESCURERS” – Hrodna Oblast
  11. Team “GREEN MILE” – Minsk Oblast
  12. Team “Novo-Team” – Hrodna Oblast
  13. Team “Bums” – Hrodna Oblast


  1. Team “Behave like at home” – Lviv Oblast
  2. Team “Bez mezh” – Lviv Oblast
  3. Team “EuroKids” – Rivne Oblast
  4. Team “Z_generation_zb” – Ternopil Oblast
  5. Team “Life begins with nature” – Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
  6. Team “Life” – Lviv Oblast
  7. Team “Zemlyany” – Volyn Oblast



The Step 2 assumes promotion of your movie and eco-billboard on Facebook:

a) Ask your friends, family, neighbors to share your short movie and eco-billboard on their Facebook (share from  one FB profile for the whole team).

b) By 14th September send links (showing shares from one FB profile for the whole team. It can be different FB profile for movie and for billboard) showing number of shares to the same e-mail address on which you sent the application form (step 1). Links will show us the number of shares so we will be able to see who wins.

The highest share number wins!

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